Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Birthday Jewels

So I was perusing through some pictures and I came across this one of Laura and me from my birthday this past January. Yes, I am wearing a plastic bejeweled crown and plastic bejeweled earrings.

I'll pause to explain.

It's a tradition. Laura started it back when we were still living in Provo. She bought the crown one year for my birthday. I held on to it until August when her birthday rolled around -- she then got to be Queen for a day. We swap it back and forth for our birthdays and have been doing so for years. Get it?

Admittedly, it's a little bit out of control. It started with just the crown. Now we have earrings, a scepter, buttons, and a flashing pin. What's next? A sash? A gown? Rings? Bracelets? Only time will tell.

Oh, yeah. The birthday cards we give each other always have to do with being a princess or queen. We search high and low until we find just the right card, sometimes finding one months, or even a year, in advance. Her birthday is on Saturday and I've had her card at least six months. :-)

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