Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Last Eight Months in a Nutshell

OK, OK... I have lots of things to catch up on. Life went a little berserk the last few months. To sum up: in November I met a boy named Michael; in December I went to California for work; Christmas, New Year's, and my 32nd Birthday came and went; school carried on; in February I flew to Nashville for the first time and met up w/ my friend Jessica; I've been to Arizona four times; in March I went to New York City for work; on June 1st in a park in Phoenix Michael proposed; and I graduated w/ my Master's in Publishing in July from The George Washington University.

And what am I doing now, you ask? Not much... just planning our October 11th wedding, figuring out how in the world I am going to move all of my stuff to Arizona, and looking for a job out there.



Shannon said...

Don't forget you'll become Auntie Dee-Dee soon. Could it be that the holiday season will be our time to relax? I mean after an October wedding and second reception, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here. Crazy!

Ernie and Bonnie Myers said...

Life is crazy right now but oh so much fun. Oh, yes...Todd needs a J-O-B pronto. Mama mia! XO