Tuesday, October 7, 2008

And thus it begins...

The countdown, that is. I'm getting married on Saturday!


My last day of work was Friday. It was not exciting. I'm officially unemployed! I've been looking and applying and begging for a job in Arizona, but so far nothing has happened. I'm on a bit of a hiatus for a bit -- you know, the wedding, honeymoon, and drive across the country and all. I'll pick up in earnest once we get back to AZ.

I have to say: snaps to whoever came up with the pod idea. The company came and dropped it off, I filled it up, and 5 days later they came to pick it up. They'll store it for a bit then send it to AZ to be delivered to our apartment.

Here's a pick of my pod on the truck going bye-bye:

It's kind of a nerve-wracking experience to pack up all of your personal belongings and send them on their way in a big box. A box that I don't have control over. I packed it, locked it, and off it went. I just have to have faith it will all arrive in one piece! :-)

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