Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's Fall! (Sort of)

You know how they say that people in far off places like Alaska get depressed in the winter because there is so little sunlight? Well, I think that the opposite can and does exist. The long, hot summer I just experienced in Arizona was the pits. It was my first here and, quite simply, I was miserable.

My spirits have lifted significantly in the last couple of weeks since the weather has gotten cooler. I've heard several individuals around me complain that it has been "cold" and pine for warmer temps. Cold, my rear. Heaven is more like it. I've been able to wear my favorite red hoodie and comfy pants. That, my friends, is my kind of comfort. My chilly little nose is back. Yes!!

Today is Halloween and I can't help but think of Halloweens of the past. What fun it is for a kid to go trick-or-treating! Today's pic is a blast from a very 80s past.

Happy Halloween!