Thursday, January 21, 2010

Of Pigeons and their Poop

Away with you, pigeons!

The last few months we've been overrun by pigeons around here.  They love to congregate on the roof of our apartment building, despite that oh-so-scary owl perched on top meant to scare them away.  So scary, it is.  Scares them right away.  Not.

And you know... where there are pigeons there is pigeon poop.  The roof should be renamed the Pigeon Restroom.  Thanks to the always present Arizona sun, that poop on the roof gets nice and crispy.

Almost every day we come home to walkway covered with crusty dried pigeon poop.  Any slight breeze sends it sliding off the roof.  It's gross.  It's right outside our front door.  It's impossible not to walk in it.  Sick.

We've swept it away, our neighbor sweeps it away.  I think our neighbor feels its his personal mission to sweep at least 5 times a day.  Literally.  It's all over the stairs leading to the apartments upstairs, too.

It gets even better, folks.

It's been raining this week.  Not just raindrops.  Pigeon Poop.  Ug.

This was the scene outside our front door Monday night.  A nice big puddle.

 Here's the same shot an hour or so later.  Can't even see the rug anymore, the water has gotten so high.  It's soapy (no idea why) and wet and poopy.  Ick.

 Think I was kidding about the pigeon poop?  Those aren't wet spots on the sidewalk, they are enormous piles of pigeon poop that got left behind once the water went away Tuesday morning.

P.S.  It stinks like no other, too.

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Jessica said...

OH MY GOSH! That is just... ew.