Thursday, March 25, 2010

10 things I like about Arizona

Sometimes I pine for winter and the East Coast and being anywhere but here. I decided it was time to focus on the good in Arizona.  Here are 10 things I like about Arizona.

1.  Flip flops 365 days a year for me, shorts 365 days a year for Michael.

 2.  Good hair every day.  No humidity = no frizziness.

3.  Spring Training Baseball.  It's awesome. 

4.  I never have to turn on the heater.  This door is pretty much open all the time.

 5.  Fresh, locally grown fruit and vegetables all year long.

6.  Hobby Lobby.  I love you.  I wish I had met your earlier in my life.

7.  It's a nifty place to visit.  In fact, my brother Todd arrives today.  To the rest of you:  please come! 

8.  Cafe Rio is two blocks away.  I don't go there often, but just knowing it is within walking distance provides a strange sort of comfort.

9.  It's March and I already have a craptacular farmer tan and a face full of freckles.

10.  This crazy coachin' football lovin' guy.  :)

Thank you, Arizona!


Mandi said...

Shellay I am so glad we share a love. . . a love for the hob lob. . . a love for Cafe Rio. . . a love of strawberries.

Pops and BonBon said...

I want to see this Hobby Lobby!

Lara said...

After waking up to another dreary Virginia spring day, I could use a little Arizona sunshine right about now.

Rebel said...

Aww... I miss you and the "HARRIS HEAT!" I was so glad my boss let me make that for y'all!

HappYness said...

Mmmm. Cafe Rio! Glad you can find the positive! I have a great knock-off recipe for the pork salad; but you'd hardly need it being you live 2 blocks away!