Friday, March 19, 2010

Michael's Birthday Week

Tuesday:  Root canal.  Sad face.

Wednesday:  Evening out with good friends.  Happy face.

Wednesday:  Worst, longest service ever.  They weren't busy.  Didn't get to play any games.  Sad face.

Wednesday:  Cool gifts from above friends.  Happy face.

Wednesday:  All his mascots are waiting to wish him Happy Birthday.  Happy face.
(I'm not kidding about him loving anything and everything with any team logo or mascot or whatever on it)

Thursday:  (his actual birthday)  Free breakfast at Denny's.  Happy face.

Thursday:  Get cake and card from co-workers.  Happy face.  

Thursday:  Coach tennis and listen to foul-mouthed, Lord's name in vain taking teenagers.  Sad face. 

Thursday:  Free birthday dinner at Joe's BBQ.  Happy face.

Friday:  Day off of work.  Happy face.

Friday:  Volunteer at a San Francisco Giants game.  Happy face.

Friday:  Long nap after the baseball game, just because you can.  Happy face.

Saturday:  Nike shoe shopping with the birthday money that's burning a hole in his pocket.  Happy face.

The result:  
A pretty successful and happy birthday week!  
The happy faces definitely outweigh the sad ones. :)


Mandi said...

So cute, Shellie! I'm so glad the happy face outnumbered the sad face in the end. Happy Birthweek!

Mc Allen said...

aww, looks like somone had a FABULOUS birthday week!! Blessed man. xoxo LA