Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I've been in Virginia for the last two weeks visiting my family and pretty much just hanging out.  The other day I was sitting on the bed in my old bedroom and had to laugh... I was surrounded by things I had brought with me from Arizona that all had a common theme: the color red.  Behold the items:

Let's see... I spy a red laptop, a red purse, red shoes, a red watch, red toes, a red hoodie, a red brush, and a red Wegmans bag.  That's some serious red business traveling all the way across the country from Arizona.

I'm addicted to red.  I have a red problem.

I decided to peruse the files on my computer to see if there was further evidence of my red addiction.

I think I may need professional help.  Take a look:
 We own two red cars.  Yes, TWO!  Maybe Michael has a red addiction, too?

Ooh!  Red glasses and the red hoodie in one picture.  Bonus score! 

I'm sure there are loads more things in Arizona that I don't have pictures of.

As a farewell to my red obsession, let's see how many pictures I can find where I'm wearing my most beloved red hoodie.


Pops and BonBon said...

loco indeed!

Lara said...

My sister is a red-lover too and I love visiting their house and seeing all the red highlights!

(I was trying to figure out how to leave my comment in red for you, but I can’t figure it out).

Mandi said...

Now, I thought you went to BYU?? What is ALL THIS RED?? ;) ;)

(I'm just copying what Jeff would say-- he always says that about red :)

Janet Latta said...

i see red when i see red!