Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mandi's Project

I have a friend named Mandi.  She's pretty awesome.  Craptacularly awesome, in fact.  I mean, she does love Barry Manilow and all.  Remember my post about my job with the best co-workers ever?  Yeah, she's one of 'em.

She takes things she finds around the house or in her Dad's garage or from Hobby Lobby and does some pretty cool things with them.  Seriously, she's awesome.  And she does it all with four kids running around.

I want to live in her house.  Or have her come do things around my house.  If I had a house, that is.

She also has a hilariously funny blog which you should all check out here.  That's how I know about and see all her fabulous home improvements and decorations.

Why am I gushing about Mandi today?

Because of this post.

You have to go read her post and then go to this website.  As Mandi says, it is totally "wet-your-pants hilarious."

Young me / Now me. I'm totally in for this little project.  Are you?


Mandi said...

Aw Shellie you are SOO nice. You seriously made my day. You wouldn't want me to do anything to your house-- you wouldn't want it craptacularized.

Seriously though thanks. When you coming up here so we can go to Cafe Rio together?

Pops and BonBon said...

Thanks for the good laugh from Mandi. Sure gives ME food for thought!!! Like they say in Utah, "!"