Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nerdy Airplane Fun

These are the events as they occurred yesterday (Saturday, May 22). 

Look, look!  A whole airplane row to myself!  There was much joy in row 27 that day.

One benefit of flying out of Reagan National Airport:  As you are taxing north on the runway preparing for take off you see this

and this

and this

Pretty sweet, right?

Finally you get to the end of the runway and turn so that you take off heading south.

You get the chance to say goodbye to the airport again and wave to the passengers in the other planes waiting to take off.

You fly over Target, of course.  The Target you used to drive by every day on your way to class, the Target you stopped at from time to time.

You fly over Old Town Alexandria, where your grad classes were held.

You crane your neck to see George & Martha's place, but that darn pilot turns a little to the west so you can't. 

All of a sudden you are surrounded by clouds.  This is the east coast we're talking about after all.  That humidity has to be hiding somewhere.

Eventually you break through the clouds and you see the sun and blue sky again.

Then you have to stop taking pictures out the window because motion sickness kicks in.

Thankfully, this arrives shortly thereafter and helps with the motions sickness thing.
It's quite the surprise, actually.  
(This was the third airline I'd flown with in three weeks and the first to even think about handing out some sort of snack.)

Then you get back to reading your book, land in Atlanta shortly, sit around another airport for three hours, get on another packed plane, sit on the plane like a sardine for four hours, and eventually arrive in Phoenix.

Good times.


Mandi said...

You visited home again? yay! Or was this from the last time?

Shellie said...

I went again for a job interview and was there less than 48hrs. Totally worth it :)

Jessica Dalby Egbert said...

Aren't you supposed to have all electronic devices stowed? Remind me never to fly with you...