Sunday, January 9, 2011

School Starts Tomorrow

All my bookstore peeps... you know what that means.  Tomorrow is going to be insane.

Wish me luck!


Last Monday was my birthday; thanks for the birthday wishes!  It was a crazy day at work, too.  It was the first day we opened since Dec. 23.  After such craziness, it was nice to come home to some birthday love.

The Saturday before, Michael, LT, and I went to Mt. Vernon, one of my favorite places.  LT and I have been a million times; it was Michael's first time there.  I love that place.  To make it even better, LT got me an annual pass for my birthday.  :)

Here's a few pics:
George & Martha say hey!

Mt. Vernon made out of gingerbread!

On Sunday Michael and I went to my parents' house for a birthday dinner.  Shan, Dev, and Rea came up for the day.

 My favorite thing about this pic is Winnie perched on the couch behind Rea waiting for a handout from Dad

Winnie in heaven, thanks to Michael


Mandi said...

Good luck tomorrow! Take some crazy pictures!

Pops and Bon-Bon said...

Glad to see you're catching up a tad! XO